SAP™ Data Archiving

Introducing an SAP™ system in an enterprise is a project, where the topic of data archiving is very often not targeted from the beginning. After some time, however, the size of the database grows and one is faced with the challenge to cope with increasing database growth. This is not only important because of the growing operational costs due to the increasing size of the database, but also since backup times get longer as well as the time required for system copies. Last but not least, a significant growth of the database may lead to performance issues.

With data archiving you are enabled to reduce the size of the SAP™ database while maintaining access to archived data. Moreover, when performing data archiving regularly, you are also able to reduce the growth of the database.

A data archiving object is often triggered by the basis team, but has to be implemented in close coordination with the departments affected by archiving. We support you when implementing a data archiving project in all phases: